There are several ways an undermount sink can be mounted. A professional fabricator will select the appropriate method to securely mount the sink under the countertop. There are three styles to install an undermount sink, depending on individual preference. Click here to read more.

The DXF file and sink template are supplied as reference only, and should be verified against the actual sink to ensure an accurate cut out. Castle Bay Sinks assumes no liability for any damages incurred through its application.

To download a file for a sink below, right-click on the model number ...

  • Lincoln 50-50 DXF
  • Lincoln 60-40 DXF
  • Lincoln Mini Plus DXF
  • Legendary 50-50 DXF
  • Legendary 60-40 DXF
  • Legendary Max Plus DXF
  • Legendary Mini Plus DXF
  • Legendary Bar DXF
  • Classic60-40 DXF
  • Madison 60-40 DXF
  • Trendsetter sinks (square strainers)

  • Atlantic 50-50 DXF
  • Atlantic 60-40 DXF
  • Atlantic Max Plus DXF
  • Atlantic Mini Plus DXF
  • Atlantic Bar DXF
  • Pacific 50-50 DXF
  • Pacific 60-40 DXF
  • Pacific Max Plus DXF
  • Solidary 50-50 DXF
  • Solidary 60-40 DXF
  • Soliary Max Plus DXF
  • Solidary Mini Plus DXF
  • Solidary Bar DXF
  • While Castle Bay endeavors to provide accurate information, all dimensions are nominal, cannot be guaranteed, and are subject to change or cancellation. Castle Bay assumes no responsibility for use of superseded or voided specifications.