Measurements (Inches)

picture5-1Overall Size: 29" x 18" x 10" depth
picture5-2Type 304 Premium Stainless Steel 18 Gauge
picture5-318/10 chrome-nickel
picture5-4Satin finish
picture5-5Side pads on all 4 sides and bottom
picture5-6Compliance with UPC



pic5-4 pic5-5 pic5-6 pic5-7

Just a quick glance is enough to notice that the new Solidary Series sinks are made of something different. Setting new standards is never easy but every once in a while, one new idea shows up leading the way to new concepts that perfectly fit in today's way of life.

Purity and beauty. Elegance and style. Concepts that flow into your mind when you are in front of a Solidary sink. Solidary Series has also added an LED light system to its sinks. The frame is illuminated and the colours reflect across the polished stainless steel of the bowl. The range of colours, with selectable intensity, can change the whole mood of the kitchen. The mood lighting system is housed in an acrylic frame that sits between the rim of the bowl and the countertop.